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In Response to "The Other First Ladies of Gardening"

Aww, Ruby Maddox! Thank you so much for your kind, sincere words. It really means a lot to me for you to say that. You have no idea how much I’ve learned from GtC over the past 6 years. Ever … Continue reading

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The Other First Ladies of Gardening

Michelle Obama’s spotlight on community gardening and the importance of growing fresh healthy veggies, have been a God-send. Donny’s post reminded me of some of other “first ladies” I know that have given so much to the idea community gardening. … Continue reading

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The First Lady and gardens

Michelle Obama knows the importance of growing vegetables and especially growing vegetables with youth. Just like us, Mrs. Obama and students from Bancroft Elementary School in DC started their garden back in March and today they came together to harvest … Continue reading

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Food As…

As the Summer Program Coordinator, I am charged with coming up with learning activities for the students that will raise their awareness about their food system and how it relates to the broader picture of creating a sustainable community. In … Continue reading

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Student Volunteers

Volunteers volunteers volunteers!!! Keep ’em comin’, GtC loves them! 😀Yesterday we had two very sweet girls, Gabbie and Kelsey, come to our garden site on Hancock Street. They contacted me the other day about work they are doing on a … Continue reading

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Today I met with The Springfield Institute and their four interns from Amherst College. It was a really great meeting and it looks like the relationship between GtC and The Springfield Institute will turn into something that will be great … Continue reading

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The Williston Northhampton School…pictures

As Donny had posted earlier in “Our First Post!” on May 28th, we had nearly 90 (if not more) middle school students and teachers from The Williston Northhampton School come to volunteer hard labor at all of our garden sites! … Continue reading

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MLK Students Come for a Visit

OK! It took me a while, I know, but I am finally here with my very first post! Over the past few weeks we’ve had 2nd grade students from the Martin Luther King Jr. Charter School (MLK) come out to … Continue reading

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GtC with the Community

Thursday is what Ruby and I called the GtC meeting marathon. It was great. Ruby, Kathy, and Ippy all went to a meeting down at the Main Library on State Street in the morning while I was in my philosophy … Continue reading

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Today I brought Ippy and Qamaria from GtC and my cousin, Livon up to Mount Holyoke College Student Garden to volunteer. We helped re-bury a tree that had been scheduled for removal and then unable to be moved. We helped … Continue reading

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