Student Volunteers

Volunteers volunteers volunteers!!! Keep ’em comin’, GtC loves them! 😀

Yesterday we had two very sweet girls, Gabbie and Kelsey, come to our garden site on Hancock Street. They contacted me the other day about work they are doing on a social action unit in their social studies and language arts classes at Pioneer Valley Performing Arts School (PVPA). Their project is on environmental justice, so they had wanted to get involved with GtC to help out and experience first hand what it is that we do. (Gabbie, Kelsey)

Gabbie and Kelsey worked together with two of our junior staff members, Mabeline and Jacob, and a few of our youth workers to build and define beds and prep them with compost to make ready for popcorn seeds. (above)

After finishing their first task of planting popcorn, they moved up front to assist in tackling the weeds that unattractively line our front fence. Once the weeds had been pulled and removed they were gracefully replaced with beautiful flowers that will grow tall and bloom into various colors. GtC would like to thank Gabbie and Kelsey for their hard work and wish them good luck on getting a good grade on their project! Thank you girls, you are always welcome to come back!

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One Response to Student Volunteers

  1. Greetings from Asantewaa Harris of CVCI was on a brief visit to Springfield and picked up a copy of "The Women's Times" and was so happy to read about GtC and the work that you & Qumaria are doing. Community Vision Council has been working with Black farmers, growers, students, teachers and Green companies since 2004. We launched the CVC Farmers Market in 2005 with the Afrikan Zion Organic Roots Farm in Vermont. We are now growing our own food in community gardens as well as front & back yards. We are planning a return trip August 21-23 and would like to visit any GtC sites you recommend. We are building a "Urban/Rural Exchange" project and would like to connect our resources.Stay encouraged!

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