MLK Students Come for a Visit

OK! It took me a while, I know, but I am finally here with my very first post!

Over the past few weeks we’ve had 2nd grade students from the Martin Luther King Jr. Charter School (MLK) come out to our garden sites and help plant different fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

We have had a total of four classes, with approximately 20 students in each class, come for a visit so far. I must say, each group was an extremely well mannered, inquisitive, and very hard working group. I was so impressed with the strength and determination these students possessed! Once we designated an area for them to weed out and clear, they set their minds to it and away they went! With the option of working with either a shovel or a hoe many of the boys had their preference, “I want the shovel, it’s biggg…grrrrr”. I believe I even heard one of the boys say to a female classmate, “let me get over here, this is a mans job”!

The kids were so excited and ready to work, they even came out in the rain! They walked into the garden and said, “Hi Ms.”! They went straight for the tools and were ready to start digging. I had to slow them down before we had holes all over the place!
I would gladly have them back anytime they want to come. They’re such good workers I even told my GtC youth, “you all better look out, these kids would give you all a run for your money!”, “they can talk and get work done at the same time”!

GtC appreciates the help of the young MLK students. Hopefully they’ll come back for a visit to see the “fruits of their labor” finally popping up!
Until next time, signing out- Ippy

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4 Responses to MLK Students Come for a Visit

  1. Donny Ryan says:

    NICE POST IPPY!….finally….hahah

  2. Ippy says:

    Thank you Donny….lol!

  3. Ippy this is beautiful!!!You should hand out applications to this crew now get them ready for when Jacob becomes the director.

  4. Ippy says:

    Awwww Jaob the director…… cuteeeeeeeee!!!

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