The First Lady and gardens

Michelle Obama knows the importance of growing vegetables and especially growing vegetables with youth. Just like us, Mrs. Obama and students from Bancroft Elementary School in DC started their garden back in March and today they came together to harvest some of their early summer crop. Then they went into the kitchen of the White House and cooked with the vegetables that they had just picked.

This is an awesome example of “growing your own” and finding a way to obtain fresh healthy food to feed yourself and your family with. The First Lady is also on the same page as GtC when she said in a article, “that too many people around the country rely on inadequate sources (for their food) such as gas stations and convenience stores for grocery needs (due to lack of access to fresh food).”

So, Mrs. Obama when are you going to come volunteer with us at GtC? We’ll be out in our gardens all summer!

Check out the article!

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