Valley Gives Day is Here!

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for: Valley Gives Day! As we speak, philanthropists across Western Massachusetts are showing their support for the nonprofits they love, including Gardening the Community.

We do hope you will consider visiting our Valley Gives page to make a donation HERE. Every donation and donor we get will go further to help us claim our share of more than $200,000 in cash awards!

Once you have done that, please help spread the giving spirit! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, spread the word with #gtcspringfield, and help build the buzz. Tell your friends and family why you donated to our cause. If they need some convincing, here are a few more fabulous reasons to support GTC:

  1. Support Springfield youth taking initiative and making big changes in their neighborhoods! Our youth are actively engaged in growing food, organizing community action, running educational programs, and making critical decisions. They have leadership roles in the day-to-day work and a few also hold positions on our board of directors.

    This year, 27 youth participated in our program, including employment through our citywide partnerships during the summer months.

    This year, 27 youth participated in our program, including employment through our citywide partnerships during the summer months.

  2. Sustain a loving, vibrant community rooted in empowerment. Our garden sites and gatherings are places where people from diverse backgrounds come together to work collaboratively. We value this diversity and the common ground we share in our commitment to food equity and racial justice.


    We love sharing our garden spaces with community members! Perhaps we’ve found a future GTC youth member?

  3. Celebrate a diverse community coming together to help itself. The vast majority of everything that we do is carried out as a labor of love by many volunteers and just a few paid staff. We are always looking to find sustainable ways to support our work; your donations make an enormous difference.

    Our youth at the farmers market with some of their bounty.

We absolutely love working towards a just and equitable food system in Springfield and we couldn’t do any of it without your support. Thank you!

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