Thank you for Believing in Us!

Dear GTC Friends,

Despite a tornado, hurricane and October snowstorm,
2011 was a year of growth and accomplishment for GTC. We grew at every level, and so many of you helped make this possible.  We supported 30 youth in learning new urban agriculture and leadership skills, positively contributing to their community while earning money and growing more than 1,000 pounds of beautiful produce on four formerly abandoned lots in Springfield.  And we celebrated 10 years of impact!
Your support is critical to continuing our work in 2012. Please consider making an end-of-year contribution to GTC, so we can deepen our roots and continue to grow food justice in 2012.  Your gift — large or small — will make a tremendous difference.  
We envision 2012 as a year of possibility for GTC.  In our gardens we will be seeding and nurturing strong bodies and minds, delicious and healthy organic food, youth leadership and community partnership, as well as social justice and activism. We know this is powerful, life changing work.  To quote GTC Youth Coordinator Qamaria Amatul Wadud (as reported in the Springfield Republican):  “We’re more than just a garden.  We’re trying to figure out some solutions to really difficult problems facing our community.  We’re not the whole piece, but we’re an important part of [the solution].” 
With your support, GTC will become an even bigger part of that solution over the next year.  Thank you for believing in us!
Wishing you and your family health and happiness in 2012,
Anne Richmond
Program Director,
on behalf of the GTC Board, staff and youth

Highlights from GTC’s work in 2011

  • Selling over 1,000 pounds of organic produce at affordable prices at the Mason Square Farmer’s Market and Shriners’ Hospital; piloting an affordable CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program for 30 community residents called GTC EATS!
  • Installing a learning garden behind the Mason Square branch library; leading a summer garden club for neighborhood children;
  • Hosting over 250 volunteers, including students from local schools and college;
  • Reaching over 200 people through educational workshops and presentations 
  • Organizing to expand healthy food access in our neighborhood and address the root causes of the high rates of diabetes and cardiovascular disease that plague our community  
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2 Responses to Thank you for Believing in Us!

  1. Garden Seed says:

    Thanks for the post mate you have written it very well.

  2. Austin says:

    I just wrote a proposal to promote urban agriculture which include community gardens. The statistics I found are incredible. For years now, residents of urban cities in Eastern and Southern Africa have utilized community gardens or urban agriculture to provide for themselves. I don't personally have any big experience with community garden but growing up in Liberia, my mother always grown fruits and vegetables behind our house. Our daily pepper, tomato etc., came from my mother gardens. I think it’s a good thing that you are doing.

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