Meet Qamaria Amatul-Wadud – GtC Jr. Staff

How long have you been with GtC?
For 7 consecutive years

Why did you sign up?
My mother really wanted me to do something during the summer and she heard of GtC and thought it would be a great program for me and my sisters to join, but I also wanted to work and meet new people.

Why have you stayed with GtC so long? What do you like best about gardening?

I stayed with GtC because I like the fact that i’m helping out my community out one step at a time. Watching it grow and eat healthier food! The best thing about Gardening,is when the produce start coming up,such as the cherry tomatoes (yummm!).I sit there and eat them,lol!

What are you currently involved in now other than GtC?
Well,for the past few years I’ll go upstate NY and help jump start a community Garden. Throughout the summer I’ll go up and visit their garden and make sure it’s doing alright!

How has GtC impacted your life?
GtC has made me see life in a whole other way. Seeing how fortunate I am to know how to Garden and it has encouraged me to make canned goods. After being involved in such a program for this long I want to study agriculture!

What are your future plans?
I now want to major in agriculture and sustainable living thanks to GtC and hopefully start a similar program in another State!

What are your hobbies? How do you like to spend your free time?
If I’m not home sewing, i’m supporting my family with the sports they play, or I’m out traveling somewhere and visiting friends and family.

What advice would you like to give to other yong girls out there?
Whatever goals they have in life,keep striving for them,they’ll make it! Just be patient,God is with the patient ones!

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