Will Allen is one of my all time heroes. To me, he’s the Godfather of Urban Agriculture.

Read my Will Allen article for NOFA/Mass

Will Allen and me at the NOFA Conference last year!! (Couldn’t help sharing this:)

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One Response to GROWING POWER – Will Allen

  1. Nancy says:

    Growing Power's National-International Urban & Small Farm Conference on September 10 – 12th, 2010 at Wisconsin State Fair GroundsHosted by Growing Power—a national organization headed by the sustainable urban farmer and MacArthur Fellow Will Allen—this international conference will teach the participants how to plan, develop and grow small farms in urban and rural areas. Learn how you can grow food year-round, no matter what the climate, and how you can build markets for small farms. See how you can play a part in creating a new food system that fosters better health and more closely-knit communities. Registration is now open for participants, sponsors and exhibitors. For more information see:

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