Meet GtC Jr. Staff: Denis Zenchenko!

How long have you been with GtC?
I have been with GtC for a total of two years, working on my third year this spring and summer. My first year I was a student, and this year and the last I have been working as a Junior Staff.

Why do you keep coming back each year?
I keep coming back to GtC for several reasons. The greatest reason is the amount of knowledge I gain from GtC. I love knowing how to work the soil with my own hands. I love being able to distinguish a weed from a plant and being able to care for the plants; whether diseased or simply in need of some water. There is so much to learn about planting and gardening that even after two years of being part of the program, I still have much to learn. I also enjoy biking to and from work and exercising while I’m at work, doing physical labor.

How has being a part of GtC affected other areas of your life?
GtC has helped me in many areas of my life. I can and do bring mt knowledge of gardening to my mom’s home garden, as well as others. I have built relationships with fellow workers and students, expanding my social life as well. I also spend more time outside working and biking, as well as earning a bit of cash, which is necessary these days.
What other activities do you particpate in? I include myself in all sorts of activities, mainly associated to my school, PVCS. This past school year, I played varsity soccer and jv basketball for the school teams. I also sang and still do sing in the school choir for concerts. I have played a lead role in the Christmas Concert, and am currently playing a minor role in the school Spring Play. I also do community service, which is required for school, along with attending church on Sundays and Youth Group on Tuesdays. All of these extra activities are done on top of maintaining first honors at school.
What would you like to do in the future?
I am currently unaware of what I really want to do in the future. I have given thought to going into business or enlisting into the Marine Corp. Those are just some ideas, and honestly, time will tell.

What’s fun fact about you that you would like to share?
I love life, because I love God. I love to work hard and then sit back and see the fruits of my labor, literally. And I love to love.
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