First Day back

Every June I return to GtC for the ending of the spring program and the beginning of the summer program. My time at MHC’s Center for the Environment shift to part-time for the summer and I prepare for my other life which is the summer program coordinator for GtC. I can not begin to tell you in how many ways this work is rewarding. So much so that there is almost a guilt in taking pleasure in it.
The youth are incredible, the staff are amazing, and the energy that surrounds it all is simply invigorating. I missed it all.
Today, I made one of our annual treks to Brookfield Farm. Because GtC does not have a greenhouse, Brookfield Farm has consistently housed many of our seedlings until they are ready to be picked up. I packed my car with flats of tomatoes, peppers, basil, and Swiss chard. I love those guys!!

This gave us plenty to do today. Lots of plants to get in the ground. Lots of wheelbarrows, filled with compost. In what seems like a flurry of coordinated chaos, due to all the buzzing activity and laughter surrounding me, it quickly becomes clear that each student has internalized his or her role in the collective goal. Each of them understands what needs to happen, and how they will contribute to help make this happen. Whether it is with extreme focus or giggles and teasing, there is a consistent determination for completion. No one has left the group to wander. No one is sitting on the sidelines. This is a group of 13-16yr olds, paid a very modest stipend. But there is an absence of reluctance and a sort of giddiness in simply being together. I feel it too. This is my favorite place in the world.
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